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What Is The Role Of Teachers In A Student’s Life?

Teachers in society are often viewed as a go-between for students’ academic excellence. While that is undeniable, a teacher plays a far larger role in shaping the lives of young minds. At CSR School, our teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our...

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9 Things You Should Know While Seeking Nursery Admissions

Every year, the number of parents who reach out to a long list of schools to seek admission for their child in nursery class is increasing. The confusion and apprehension to send their child to school to start learning are enhanced as the decision they make regarding...

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Importance Of Value Education For The Child

Every parent of the 21st-century wants to provide their children with the best education available in their city. The awareness of the importance of value education for children is higher today than ever before with parents going out of their way to provide the...

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