Exploring the Arts: Creative Opportunities for Matriculation Students

Today, creative arts are not just a means to pass the time. Far from it, many matriculation higher secondary school students have gone on to launch successful careers that have seen them earn a lucrative living. For this reason, society must begin to embrace creative arts career opportunities. Consequently, we’ll be diving a little deeper to uncover the creative opportunities that lie therein for matriculation students. 


According to Indeed, $61,499 is the average annual salary for an advertising manager. This makes it a very profitable career option for someone with a creative mind and a particular passion for: 

  • Creating compelling videos 
  • A knack for socialization and networking 
  • A green thumb for copywriting 

With a market size of more than $217.6 billion, the advertising niche is rife with many opportunities for creative matriculation students to explore. 


Here at the best matriculation school in Madurai, we’ve seen many of our students go on to make a name for themselves in the field of journalism. This is an excellent career option for highly creative students, especially those with a talent for storytelling and uncovering facts. In a year, the average journalist makes about $47,736 in the US.

Generally, if the student is very good at creative writing, this learner and journalism are a match made in heaven. Additionally, an eloquent student with a good grasp of public speaking can make for a superb news anchor. 

Interior design

Interior design is all about creativity. It’s about mapping out a vision for a space, be that an office, home, or other types of properties, in a way that beautifully merges different styles, hues, themes, and aesthetics at large. 

In particular, some career options in interior design for creative higher secondary education students include: 

  • Interior decorators
  • Interior design assistant
  • Technical designers
  • Architect
  • Industrial designers, etc.

Today’s interior designers however need not only be good with their imagination. They should also have a passion for computer-aided design.  

Photography and Animation

Just as profitable and rewarding as some of the top professions, commercial photography can be also a nice match for highly creative students with a love for the field. From product placement to marketing and everything in between, there’s no shortage of opportunities to pursue therein. 

If you’re contemplating whether this is a viable career option, you should know that the global demand for photographers is set to grow by 9% by 2031. Admittedly, the field is very competitive. That’s why CSR School advises pairing it up with another skill such as animation, which mind you is also a highly lucrative and creative career option in its own right with a market size of more than $394.6 billion. 

Creative arts have many opportunities to succeed

If your student or child is highly gifted in a particular area of the creative arts, you should give them the motivation and guidance that they need to pursue their dreams. Here at CSR School, we vehemently champion the simultaneous focus on both traditional curriculum and creative arts to widen the net of success for matriculation students.