The Power of Outdoor Classroms in Early Education

For the majority of schools in India, nursery and primary school students are often confined to an indoor classroom for vast periods. Save for break times, these children usually only see the outside when it’s time to go home. However, many of the top schools in Madurai such as CSR school are experimenting with the idea of outdoor classrooms. These prove especially beneficial in many ways, some of which we’ll discuss right away. 

Hands-on learning opportunities  

Did you know that studies have found that students who engage in hands-on learning are 150% more likely to pass? Well, outdoor classrooms offer the opportunity to make learning more practical. And that is especially important given that 3 in 4 students remember through practice. 

With outdoor classrooms, your nursery school students can test out theories in the real world. Be it learning about the parts of an insect or the colors and properties of objects in the real world, outdoor classrooms present a great way for learners to get up close with what they’re learning in books. This, of course, makes lessons more memorable. 

Deepening nature connections 

Many children today have lost touch with nature. This is part of the reason why we’re seeing the rise of a generation that’s not environmentally conscious. 

But by spending time outdoors in outdoor classrooms, even the best matriculation school in Madurai can help their children to increase their understanding and connectivity to nature, resulting in: 

  • Students who take greater responsibility for preserving nature.
  • Learners accept the diversity of nature and people alike.
  • Nursery and primary school students to become more engaged with the communities.

Simple as they may be, outdoor classrooms can set up the foundation for young students to lead eco-friendly and sustainable lives.

Mental well being

Studies have shown that about 45% of primary school students worldwide have admitted to experiencing stress in schools every day. If we are to change these statistics for the better, we need to turn toward outdoor learning. 

When young learners spend more time outside in the fresh air, they tend to generally be happier and more motivated. With children spending a huge chunk of their day at school, outdoor classrooms can help them feel more calm and productive. 

Physical health

Outdoor classrooms don’t just improve the mental well-being of learners. They also go a long way to strengthen their physical health as well, provided that the primary school students engage in active learning tasks. 

With outdoor learning, students tend to be more physically active compared to if they’re just sitting in a chair all day long. Learners can jump, sprint, and generally get the blood pumping, which is key to enhancing: 

  • Stamina
  • Immunity
  • Eyesight and more

Furthermore, a report by UC Davis has revealed that outdoor learning can even lower the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues. 

Outdoor learning is mighty

Outdoor classrooms are great for mental and physical health. Additionally, they can also help learners to forge stronger bonds and social skills. Schools in Madurai would do well to ensure that their learning environments incorporate both outdoor and indoor learning opportunities.