Digital Tools for Effective Online Learning in Higher Secondary Education - CSR Schools

When it comes to online learning, there is a depth of virtual learning tools that continue to elevate the quality of higher secondary education. These technologies can help with everything from drafting lesson plans to creating interactive engagement plans that overall go into enriching the students’ experience. So without further ado, here are some of the best digital tools that the top schools in Madurai and beyond use: 

  • Google Classroom

This is a useful new tool that allows educators at institutions like CSR School to ensure a new-age classroom that’s not defined by physical walls. It includes both a freed and paid iteration, and here’s how this tool can generally make online learning effective at any matriculation higher secondary school: 

  • Ability to create bespoke learning plans for students
  • Creative aids to add interest to mundane course material
  • Performance tracking helps teachers to closely monitor every student’s progress. 

Overall, Google Classroom allows for better education continuity and connectivity between teachers and their students. 

  • Prodigy Math Game

Sometimes, regularly providing your students with math assignments can be time and effort-intensive. And that’s where the Prodigy Math Game steps in to save the day.  Thanks to a super simple teacher dashboard, you can get ideas for math assignments appropriate to the level of difficulty that fits your student’s abilities. 

What’s even more impressive with this tool is that teachers have access to real-time insights into how students are fairing with the assignment. Consequently, this makes it easier to provide prompt feedback and course correction if necessary.  

  • Canva

Essentially, Canva is an online graphic design tool. However, it is so easy to use and boosts a rich array of striking visual features that you can leverage the software to help make lessons even more engaging. 

At one of the best matriculation schools in Madurai, they leverage Canva to boost higher secondary education by creating enthralling:

  • Videos about complex class concepts
  • Infographics about key lesson details
  • Lesson presentations  

Additionally, Canva offers integration options with Google Classroom to ensure the best of both worlds. 

  • Blackboard LMS

This learning management system might be just what your school needs to inspire the love of learning in your students.  It is so effective that it is not only used by high schools but even by government agencies and universities as well. 

With advanced analytics about learner engagement, retention, enrollment, and more, Blackboard helps you uncover just what is hindering your students from achieving their full learning potential. Additionally, you can also use this digital tool for distance learning collaboration that makes each learner feel as though they were in the same room. 

The right tools lead to the right student outcomes

To be the best school in Madurai, institutions such as CSR School leverage state-of-the-art technologies to keep pushing the envelope with online learning. If more schools across India can borrow a leaf, then we stand to make classes more engaging, and interactive. When that happens, we can begin to notice more positive learner outcomes.