Why Online Learning is the Future of Education?

Online learning is not a new concept. However, with the pandemic swinging classroom doors shut, many top schools in Madurai were forced to be creative. Hence the meteoric rise of online learning, which provided a safer alternative. This is a trend though that looks set to continue even beyond the pandemic, as the digital wave continues to sweep across both urban and rural areas at a lightning pace. Today, we discuss why education in India, and the world at large, continues to barrel toward the online space. 

1. Online learning brings great accessibility

Online learning opens up certain restrictions that shackle the traditional classroom. Location becomes a non-issue with learners and teachers able to link up for lessons in real-time regardless of location. This throws out of the window a rigid schedule as well, enabling convenience from both the teacher’s and the student’s perspectives. 

2. Every child’s unique learning needs are met

Classroom settings bring together learners of wide-ranging abilities, who are best suited to pick up knowledge or skills in a variety of ways. Online learning is gaining traction due to its ability to break up generic learning models across matriculation schools in Madurai, allowing for bespoke or personalized learning experiences that suites the pace of individual learners. 

Additionally, online classes to have smaller sizes in terms of the student population, allowing opportunities for: 

  • Increased interaction between learners and tutors
  • Access to a wide range of multi-formatted learning resources including eBooks, photos, videos, etc
  • Real-time feedback 

3. It makes a lot of financial sense

Online learning is also going from strength to strength due to its cost-saving abilities for both schools and pupils in the following ways: 

  • For instance, some schools near Tirumangalam have implemented online programs which have cut down on the establishment’s maintenance expenses
  • Students meanwhile can access a plethora of online resources, reducing the need to buy textbooks, which is also welcome news for parents. 

Does this mean the end of traditional in-person classes? 

For all its gains, online education cannot entirely replace in-person classrooms, because these help build stronger connections between students and co-learners more than any online education program ever could.  Children can bounce ideas off each other in real-time, while connections tend to feel more natural. Online learning may also deprive learners of EQ development opportunities, which is why a hybrid approach featuring both online learning and in-person learning is the best way forward. CSR school, which is the best school in Madurai, mixes both modern digital and in-person learning solutions that cater to the need of every learner. For more information, visit the CSR School website.