Why Choosing CSR School for your Pre-Schooler is a Good Choice

Having opened its doors in the 1989/90 academic year, CSR school has taken the pre-school education world by storm, making a great case for the title of the best school in Madurai on many fronts. To help you find out if the school lives up to its huge billing and whether it would be suitable for your pre-schooler, we went beyond its doors to find out the following: 

1. CSR School has state-of-the-art infrastructure

CSR Schools ranks as one the top schools in Madurai for its quality of infrastructure that facilitates academic excellence, including; 

  • Library: The school’s library is renowned for its depth of learning materials, including journals & magazines. CSR regularly updates its list to keep information modern and current. 
  • Sports facilities: From table tennis and volleyball to basketball and football grounds, CSR caters to all children’s unique talents and interests in games and sports.
  • Audiovisual lab: this facilitates a multi-sensory approach to learning for children, while the lab also enables constant teacher training to keep up with modern education needs
  • Transport: To ensure utmost convenience, CSR school offers convenient and comfortable transportation services reaching various parts of the city 
  • Auditorium:  The spacious auditorium hosts internal and external competitions, and gives students a space to debate ideas and develop public speaking and leadership skills.  

2. Outstanding curriculum 

Accredited by the Tamil Nadu State government, CSR School is as well renowned as the best Matriculation higher secondary school in Madurai for its curriculum which covers: 

  • A commerce stream featuring commerce, economics, and accountancy
  • Science stream encompassing biology and computer science.

CSR School also teaches French as a second language, among others, thus helping to nurture multilingual students who can work and thrive in foreign communities. 

3. Experienced teaching staff

CSR School ranks as the best primary & nursery school on account of its star-studded and proven teaching staff. The school employs the highest caliber of teaching staff, with teachers constantly trained to update the classroom experience and impart modern-world skills. 

Additionally, the low student-to-teacher ratio ensures your pre-schooler gets sufficient attention to meet unique needs. 

4. Special emphasis on the culture

Times are changing and CSR School empowers preschoolers with the requisite skills and technologies of the future. However, he who forgets his roots is bound to lose himself in society. As a result, CSR strives to continually create awareness for children to keep them grounded in important family and social values as they get an education. This helps to bring up well-rounded and morally-upright individuals, right from the early years foundation stage. 


On account of its curriculum, skilled teaching staff, cultural emphasis, and infrastructural might, it’s not hard to see why CSR is not only the best nursery school in Thirunagar but also the best matriculation school in Madurai as a whole. Visit the CSR School website to learn more.