What Is The Role Of Teachers In A Student’s Life? | CSR School

Teachers in society are often viewed as a go-between for students’ academic excellence. While that is undeniable, a teacher plays a far larger role in shaping the lives of young minds. At CSR School, our teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our students thrive both within and beyond the classroom. Without further ado, here are the important roles teachers juggle in a student’s life. 

1. Guidance for career choices

At the top schools in Madurai, teachers also take up career counseling duties for students. They are a big help in a world of endless choices where students aren’t quite sure what path to take. 

While teachers won’t outrightly make the choice for students, they can help point them in the right direction, per the students: 

  • Talent 
  • Passions
  • Skillsets
  • Financial situation

2. Teachers are primary role models 

Outstanding teachers demonstrate compassion towards students and others and exhibit all the traits that positively impact a child’s life. They make a great reference for young students to learn from in terms of: 

  • Attitude 
  • Behaviors
  • Values and more

The constant presence of a morally upright teacher who leads by example sets precedence, through both primary & nursery school education, for children to lead more meaningful lives.  

3. They teach students to be actual problem solvers

There’s a 53% skills gap in India, according to a study involving local businesses. This goes to show the huge gap that exists between academics and actual problem-solving skills. 

Unlike most schools in Thirunagar, teachers at CSR Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School work to complement classroom knowledge with creative, real-world problem-solving skills. This ensures students grow up to be workers who have the theoretical and practical foundations to succeed.  

4. Motivation for learning

Learning can take its toll on both mind and body, and teachers play a key role in making learning fun. By providing extra motivation, teachers can help students: 

  • Stay in school and see out their studies
  • Work harder and achieve better grades
  • Improve their self-confidence and desire to help others

As the best matriculation school in Madurai, our teachers implement rewards, among other strategies, to keep students passionate about learning. 

5. Teachers are resource specialists 

When learners hit a dead end, teachers prove an important resource of information for students. Besides giving students direct answers on their knowledge quest, teachers at the best preschool in Thirunagar often show students how to dig up information. 

This approach encourages independence right from an early age. Furthermore, it helps students open up their minds to new perspectives and possibilities, an essential skill they get only from the best nursery school in Thirunagar.


As you can see, teachers wear many hats and are quite frankly the backbone of society. If you’re looking for the best school in Madurai that has qualified and role-model teachers, CSR School is the way to go. Call us today for enrollments.