Things To Consider Before Enrolling Your Kid In A Pre-School

Did you know that 95% of brain development takes place during your kid’s early childhood years? This further emphasizes the immense need to think over pre-school options quite carefully. With so many options at the table, it can be challenging to map out the best learning path. For this reason, CSR school has done the homework for you to bring y the most important pre-school considerations for parents. 

1. Location 

While not a necessity, it’s important that your little one goes to a preschool near you. For example, if you live in Madurai, you’ll want to give priority to the top schools in Madurai. Location conveniences make it easy for you to pick up and drop off your kid at school. 

2. Operation hours

Some schools in Thirunagar have full-day preschools starting from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Others have a half-a-day program that ends at noon. Which one is more appropriate depends on the flexibility of your work schedule, and your child’s unique needs. 

3. Teaching staff

Your child will spend the entire day in the hands of the school’s staff. Consequently, it’s important that you make sure the staff is skilled, and that they communicate well with the children and are on good terms. As the best preschool in Thirunagar, CSR is renowned for its well-mannered, caring, and competent staff who cater to learners at the individual level. 

4. Safety policies

No matter the primary & nursery school, it’s likely that they already have set out safety policies. You’ll want to find out what these are. As a bare minimum, the school should have enough caretakers to watch over the children, and it should have at least a perimeter wall to prevent wandering or straying. 

5. Curriculum

Determine whether the preschool of your choosing has a well-planned teaching methodology and that they are not just “winging it.” Moreover, take a look at the range of their extracurricular activities, to ensure there’s a nice depth of activities to cover your child’s interests or help them nurture new ones.

CSR School has one of the best preschools in India 

Save yourself time and trouble by turning to the best nursery school in Thirunagar. CSR school is well-versed in harnessing the potential of young minds. We help children have fun, get the necessary foundation for future education, and develop the emotional intelligence to succeed both within and without the classroom.