Best School in Madurai: Introduction of C.S. Ramachary Memorial School

Founded close to 32 years ago, C.S.R Memorial Matriculation School is built upon important values of excellence and enlightenment that have held fast across generations. Our goal at CSR School isn’t just to feed students’ knowledge on a platter rather our objective is to also cultivate a self-learning attitude. This trait benefits children in school and life as well, ensuring that our past students can continue to achieve success wherever they go without needing supervision. Overall, we are the best school in Madurai for the following qualities as well: 

1. A constantly updated library 

Everyone knows a good library is the beating heart of any school. Here at CSR, we are well aware of the huge role a library plays in cultivating creativity and intelligence, which is why our library is constantly updated to stay ahead of the times.

Our knowledge resources are always in touch with a fast-changing curriculum, keeping students in sync with the latest current affairs and newer and much-improved learning styles.

2. We’re not all about book smarts

Unlike many best schools in Madurai that have a strict emphasis on book smarts, we also try to ensure that our students are street smart as well. This simply means that beyond the theoretical knowledge they get from books, we also supplement that with: 

  • Lessons that grow emotional intelligence
  • Practical concepts that impart real-world, problem-solving skills.

At the end of the day, we take care of several students’ needs to ensure holistic development from an early age.

3. Audio Visual lab

Digital literacy skills are the bare expectation to fit into the workplace or society of today. We have a state-of-the-art audio-visual lab equipped with: 

  • Audio systems: For more sensory learners who learn better by what they hear
  • Visual aids: Given that our brains process visuals 60,000x faster compared to words

Overall, our multi-sensory approach to education makes us one of the top matriculation schools in Madurai as we address the sensory needs of every child at a very personal level. 


Additionally, our sports & games facilities are well-equipped for both leisure to ensure good downtime and improve classroom productivity while helping talented students to get noticed. Our teacher-to-student ratio is also one of the best in India, ensuring learners get the personal attention they need to succeed. A combination of many factors, including our unwavering resolve to provide quality education, make us the epitome of excellence in India. If you’re looking for good schools near Thirumangalam, call us today for admissions.