A Parental Guide On How To Choose A School For Your Child In Madurai

One of the top goals of any parent is to safeguard the future of their children by providing quality education. However, that becomes a little harder as options are abundant when it comes to schools in Thirunagar, let alone Madurai at large. To make it easier, CSR school has rounded up a few vital things to keep in mind. 

1. Review academic excellence

Academic excellence is often reflected by a few different factors, including but not limited to: 

  • Track records of teachers
  • Moral standards
  • Academic curriculum 
  • Performance record

At the end of the day, you want your child to get good grades and that can only happen if you sign up your child at one of the top schools in Madurai, which sticks to the highest levels of excellence. 

2. Plan an objective visit

Reading reviews and doing your research online can reveal great insight. But a physical sit-down with the school can help delve beyond the surface. At CSR, we are the best matriculation school in Madurai for our transparency and performance. We encourage parents to meet our staff and get a feel of our environment, curriculum, and other important aspects. This is a great way to gauge if the school would be a great fit for you and your child. 

3. Work out the student-teacher ratio

Schools with high student-teacher ratios often mean that the individual needs of each student aren’t attended to as well as alternatives with much more manageable numbers. Our low student-teacher ratio at CSR school has enabled us to cultivate success as a matriculation higher secondary school at the individual level. No student is left behind. 

4. Don’t overlook the cleanliness

Not many parents spare a thought for the school’s environment yet it can greatly impact the child’s learning. You want a school that displays:

  • Good organization 
  • Excellent hygiene
  • Good maintenance
  • Environmental-friendliness

If a school doesn’t look after its environment well enough, how sure are you that they can look after your child satisfactorily? 

5. Double-check curriculum

There are many curricula options for Indian schools in Madurai, some of which include: 

  • CIE
  • IB
  • CBSE
  • ICSE
  • SSC

While what curriculum each takes isn’t exactly a measure of the best school in Madurai, each curriculum comes with different concerns. However, you generally want a curriculum that’s modern, practical, and leverages present-day technologies or tools. 


Every parent wants the best for their children. When it comes to education in Madurai, that means CSR school. Right from the foundation level, we offer the best preschool in Thirunagar to set up children for higher education success. We not only nurture students to excel in the classroom but our rich array of extracurricular activities is also designed to bring talent to the fore. Call us today for enrolments.