5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Primary / Matriculation School

Are you on the hunt for the best school in Madurai? With so many learning systems to consider and rumors abound about the supposed benefits one system has over the other, it can be challenging to put two in two and make sense of it all. On top of that, there are many other factors to think about including distance concerns, history, school environment and so much more. If you’re at crossroads about choosing the top schools in Madurai, let these 5 tips guide you to a good primary, nursery, or matriculation HSC school. 

1. Method of gauging learner’s progress

When choosing a school, consider how it assesses learning progress. Is there a strict emphasis on tests or achievements at only certain points in time? 

The right school gauges progress not just at the start, end, or during designated instances of the school year. Far from it, it should continue testing learners’ progress throughout the calendar year. 

2. Don’t be swayed by proximity alone

Many parents are tempted to take their child to schools around the corner due to accessibility concerns, but it’s important to look beyond distance, especially if you’re keen on getting the best matriculation schools in Madurai. Factor in as well your: 

  • Child’s needs
  • Learning style
  • Reputation and academic performance

Sometimes, a far-off school is worth the extra trouble if it’s a proven performer or if you feel more confident with it. 

3. Take a look at Alumni Success

How do past learners who have been to that school go on to fare in life? In particular, consider the following as far as alumni concerns go: 

  • What kind of universities do alumni from the school end up in
  • How do such students perform in university and if they see through studies
  • The type of jobs or careers their alumni get 

4. Check out the academic programs

Want a more rigorous academic program focused on arts, and mathematics, among other subject areas? If you and your child are leaning more toward science, then you’ll want to, for instance, prioritize schools near Tirumangalam such as CSR school which offers many specialties in STEM. 

5. Review extracurricular opportunities 

Spare a thought for extracurricular activities, as well because today many children wind up in high-paying careers like acting or cricket due to their talents. Your decision here will generally tie in with what your child is particularly passionate about. You may prioritize a school with technology clubs, drama programs, or sports activities, according to your kid’s interests. 


Choosing the right school for your child can be tough. We can help lighten the choice by sending you the way of CSR School, one of the best nursery, primary, and matriculation HSC schools in Madurai and India at large. Visit the CSR School to learn more.