Computer aided Study for Real-time Learning (CSRL)

Environmental Revolution - C S Ramachary Memorial Matriculation School, Tirunagar, going GREEN by taking one more step up in the technology ladder in the field of education –going digital instead of paper & books.

When most of the schools use Desktop Computers and LCD Projectors as teaching aid, teachers and students of Standard IV & V of CSR School, use laptops in the classroom. There are no separate textbooks, all the lessons are digitalised with audio & video. Online & offline class work and home work. In the CSR Real time Learning program, all the class work and home work are automatically evaluated and scores are displayed.

For Parents

There is a separate login for the parents, they can view the class work & home work assignment of the students, they can send messages to the teachers, Principal or the Office and the message reaches the appropriate person as soon as the student logs in next day by automatic synchronization.

For Teachers

It is a bonanza for the teachers. Encarta, library and online tools are at their finger tips waiting to be used. Teachers focus more on delivering quality content that catches the fascination of the students. The Real time program helps them to immediately identify the children who are not scoring well and more exercises are given to them.

For Students

Contrary to the doubts on their ability to use the laptop, they navigate superbly on the laptop. They enjoy the scenario and are making optimum use of Encarta, dictionary and other educational programs, with the audio dictionary they learn the right pronunciation.


Laptops are owned by the students and customized to accept only the school installed programs. During the class hours, all the students will be connected to the teacher's laptop and they view only what the teacher shows. They will not be able to use the keyboard unless the teacher releases them.

The school takes utmost care in developing the writing practice, by giving them assignments. The school gets the feedback that this innovative study tool has kept them away from the Mega serials of the TV.

Power Backup by UPS for more than 3 hours is arranged. Separate table and chair for each student with charging points is installed. Furnitures are specially designed with insulated wire plug point & Earth line.

All the above are only tips. CSRL programme is tough to explain but easy to experience.